Jes Selane Resume


THE BLACK GHIANDOLA Supporting dir. Sam Raimi, Catherine Hardwicke, Theodore Melfi
WATER DAWG Jimmy (supporting) Maker Studios (dir. Laura Beth Love)
INDEPENDENTS' DAY Kelly Reed (supporting) Maker Studios (dir. Laura Beth Love)
LOST FARE Joaquin (supporting) BL Films (dir. Bruce Logan)
MYRA Rudy (supporting) Maker Studios (dir. Laura Beth Love)
INDUCED EFFECT Kenny (supporting) Arbitrag3 Productions (dir. Rasheed Stephens)
THE FAST AND THE FIERCE Henry (principal) Broken Films (dir. Ron Thornton)
DRIVERX Bo (featured) Antic Pictures (dir. Henry Barrial)
DEL PLAYA Joey (principal) Belligerent Seal Productions (dir. Shaun Hart)
FOOLS FOR GOLD Cowboy (principal) Independent (dir. Brian Brooks II)
TOTAL AWESOME VIKING POWER Mead (principal) Morten Forland Productions (dir. Morten Forland)
ENEMIES CLOSE Killer (featured) Screenland Motion Pictures (dir. Ryan R. Williams - Audience Choice Award)
POWER OF MONEY Goat (principal) Screenland Motion Pictures (dir. Ryan R. Williams)
CHRONICLES OF THE DEAD Mercenary (featured) 3N Films (dir. Brian Hernandez)
STATE OF DESOLATION Big Zombie (featured) Shadow Kamera Films (dir. Jim Towns)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN A TIRE SHOP Max (lead) Ruslan Akun Productions (dir. Ruslan Akun)
VERMIN TOWN Harry Grier (principal) Zizou Caledonia Flick (dir. Zizou Arvizu)
THE ORIGIN Menace (featured) Lucreative Films (dir. Lu Louis)
CCK Siv Hinkley (featured) Sledgehammer Films (dir. Joaquin Montalvan)
STATESIDE JJ (featured) AIMZ Media (dir. Marcial Chavez)
CORBIN NASH Vampire (featured) Enhance Entertainment (dir. Ben Jagger)
THE IMPOSSIBLE Mugger (supporting) Kelly Hogrebe Productions (dir. Kelly Hogrebe)
STAND-UP TALL OR FALL Tomahawk (supporting) Mermaid Entertainment (dir. Will V. Moore)
TETCHED Biker (featured) Better Films (dir. Sanjin Malejesevic)
HELICOPTER MOM (w/Nia Vardalos) Biker (extra) American Film Productions (dir. Salomé Breziner)


THE X SPECIES Bjorn (lead) FreeSpark (dir. Neko Sparks)
COOPER BARRETT’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING LIFE Biker (featured) FOX (dir. James Griffiths)
MURDER BOOK Steven Michaels (co-star) Investigation Discovery (dir. John Tindall)
MY CRAZY EX Big Biker Dude (principal) Painless Productions (dir. John Downer)
CHOSEN KIN Rolf (principal) FreeSpark (dir. Neko Sparks)
FALLEN CARDS Post Apocalyptic Henchman (featured) Fallen Cards (dir. Zack Ward)
MRS. WALKER Russian Mobster (principal) Kelso/InTouch (dir. Victor Kelso)
ALL FOR LOVE Jacob Weissman (supporting) Estime Entertainment (dir. Mike Estime)
TATTOO NIGHTMARES Biker (supporting) Spike (dir. Brad Kreisberg)
EX-WIVES OF ROCK Musician (featured) Fuse (dir. Ryan Marley)


SNICKERS Dinglederper (lead) BBDO (dir. Michael Gentile)
SPRINT (Framily Plan) Roadie (featured) Smuggler (dir. Chris Smith)
GEICO Viking (featured) Big Machine (dir. Steve Petersen)
SONIC Viking (featured) Big Machine (dir. Steve Petersen)
INCUBATE APP Mortag (lead) CRFT SVCS (dir. Evan McNary)
DORITOS PORCUPINE THIEF Biker (featured) Paul Bickel Productions (dir. Paul Bickel)
SKOL VIVA LAS VEGAS Bald Head (featured) Delirio Films (dir. Pedro Becker)
TECATE Callejon (featured) Central Films North (dir. Rodrigo Saiz)


THE CRUCIBLE Marshal John Willard (featured) Westchester Playhouse (dir. George Rametta)
Nominated for Best Featured Actor in a Local Play by Broadway World


DJ KHALED, DRAKE, JUSTIN BIEBER (Popstar) Bodyguard (featured) FELA (dir. DirectorX)
21SAVAGE (Ball w/o You) Security (featured) WALU (dir. Popp Rok)
STEVE AOKI / LINKIN PARK (Darker Than Blood) Zombie (featured) Lord Danger (dir. Dan Packer)
BIG SEAN / JHENE AIKO (Out Of Love) Captor (featured) Yello (dir. Lawrence Lamont)
FILTER (Happy Together) Biker (featured) Glass Media Lab (dir. August Bradley)
DEADMAU5 (Professional Griefers) Futuristic Security (featured) Weapons of Mass Entertainment (dir. Paul Boyd)
TRISHA PAYTAS (Daddy Issues) Tom - The Beast (supporting) Big Riot (dir. Andrew Valentine)
JON BELLION (Carry Your Throne) Warrior (featured) Green Glow (dir. David Richardson & Jon Bellion)
MAKE OUT MONDAYS (Twixter) Bouncer (featured) ZCM Productions (dir. Zack Shada)

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